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1. Don't focus on Abdominal Crunches - They Are NOT the most effective way to expose your abs

You may have been taught that the best way to get a flat stomach/ six pack is to do lots of crunches, sit ups or ab machines. But in actuality, these are the least effective exercises when it comes to uncovering your six pack abs. I'll say more about that in a moment.

2. Do LESS Cardio

Hours of boring, repetitive cardio routines are not the best way to lose belly fat and uncover sexy six pack abs. In fact, too much "cardio" can actually lower your body's fat-burning ability since it burns muscle along with fat.

I recommend doing more high intensity weight training as opposed to excessive cardio exercises. It serves two important roles:

  • it helps you build and maintain lean muscle while shedding body fat
  • the extra muscle actually increases your metabolism ...making fat burning automatic.

I'll show you the exact, unique types of workouts that will not only multiply your results by 10 times but also cut your workout time by nearly half!


3. Remember: "Abs are made in the kitchen"

There are 3 main components to successfully getting six pack abs: training, nutrition, and mindset. But base on my years of experience, nutrition is by far the most important aspect. Ironically, most people mistakenly disregard this vital part when they set out to get six pack abs or a sleek, sexy stomach.

But abs are made in the kitchen and  80+% of your abs success is based on what you eat and drink. Having a bad diet will almost ensure that you will not get a six pack even if you train everyday...I've seen this happen a lot...

4. SIMPLIFY Your Healthy Diet

So how do you maintain a good lean diet when there's so much confusion about what you should eat (e.g. low-fat vs. low-carb, etc)? And to make matters worse, the so-called "experts" don't  even seem to agree with each other!

The trick is to SIMPLIFY...There's no need to complicate this critical part of the abs program. Just eat healthy portions of whole foods (foods that are as close to how it looked in nature as possible) and stay away from processed foods.

A simple, well balanced diet includes foods, like:

  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Brown rice
  • Brown eggs
  • Organic lean poultry and fish

These whole, organic foods are grown in a natural environment without being exposed to unnatural stuff such as artificial fertilizers and insecticides, artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, etc.

Unfortunately, most "food" sold in grocery stores are engineered purely for taste not for nutritional value; therefore, these processed foods are filled with hidden chemicals, sugar and other additives. These added fillers significantly lowers your body's natural fat burning mechanisms.

4. Eat Healthy Fats DAILY

Another common mistake I wanted to point out is the lack of healthy fat intake. Often times, we might think that we shouldn’t eat foods that contain fat because it only adds up as body fat.

In reality, if we lack the required amount of fat intake during the day, we are messing with our bodies’ fat burning and muscle building natural processes.

I actually recommend that you eat healthy fat daily! These fats come from healthier food choices such as:

  • avocados
  • nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans, etc.)
  • seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, etc.)
  • virgin olive oil
  • whole eggs (yes, the yolks too - in moderation)
  • salmon

5. How to Turn Your Body Into an Automatic Fat-Burning Machine

One way of efficiently burning off body fat is by boosting your metabolism. I recommend alternating your usual training with intensified workouts at least twice a week.

By doing high-intensity workouts, your metabolic rate increases significantly; thus burning off more body fat even while you are at rest.  Make this a habit and you’ll definitely get those six pack abs in no time.

Another, auto fat-burning trick is to break your total daily food intake into 5-7 smaller "meals" spaced out every 2 to 2.5 hours. Doing this tells the body that it doesn't have to worry about food since the next meal is right around the corner. Therefore, it has less need to store fat for survival.

6. How To Successfully Manage Temptations

There are fast food chains, restaurants, bars, clubs, and every hang out place you can think about that serves food and drinks. If you’re on your way to achieve a sexier body, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your social life. In fact, making drastic moves can lead to binging.

You just need to learn how to balance everything. If your friends asked you to party in a bar or a club, go if you want to; but, you should limit your alcohol intake. Yes, you can go out and have a drink once or twice a week but don't over do it. Always remember that you can still have fun without going overboard- remember your goal!

How about eating out? Well, this should be done on an occasional basis. It’s always a good idea to cook your own organic food because you never know what the restaurants add to your food or how many calories you are consuming for each plate you order.

7. Seek Out Your Motivation

Sometimes the main problem we have to deal with is ourselves. Our own thinking and feeling can take a toll on us especially if we don’t see those results fast enough.

When this happens to you, you have to seek out your motivation for succeeding. If you wanted to lose your body fat and gain six pack abs but results don’t seem to show up, ask yourself, “Are you doing all of the tips listed here?” If not, here are a few suggestions:

  • Instead of focusing on the negatives, you should find your inner strength through your achievements. Are you able to lift slightly heavier weights since you started? Are you closer to fitting into your old skinny jeans that you once wore ten years ago? Does your wife comment on your firmness or energy?
  • Train with a partner. Together, you can both motivate each other to keep on reaching for your goal.
  • Cut out a photo of your inspiration such as a photo of your favorite body builder. Post it on your refrigerator, computer monitor, and any other location you always linger in. By doing so, you are internalizing your goal and this process makes you strive harder. This drastically increases your success!

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